Energy2D-JS Demo

A JavaScript port of the Java application: Energy2D. Energy2D-JS supports using JavaScript Typed Arrays if they are available in this browser.

The model on this page starts with a fixed 50 degree hot-spot in the middle of a 100x100 grid, (10,000 cells) model simulation space, the outside edge is fixed at 0 degrees C.

  • Energy2D-JS Model: Rendered using an HTML5 canvas

  • Available model states

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    • Simulation:
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    • Type of JavaScript arrays
    • Active solvers
    • Rendering
    • HQ smoothing

Getting a browser that supports JavaScript Typed Arrays

JavaScript Typed Arrays are available in browsers that are WebGL-enabled. On some browsers using JavaScript Typed Arrays will speed up the modeling part of the simulation by a factor of two. Get more information about whether your browser supports WebGL here:

Velocity Vector Length:

Temperature Data Array: